SPOTIFY & AMAZON Appeal Against Songwriters Receiving a Royalty Raise!

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Spotify & Amazon Music appeal the 44% raise in royalties that Songwriters were going to receive over the next 5 years in the United States.

After the passing of the Music Modernization Act the future was finally looking promising for the music industry and the relationship between artists & digital streaming services. The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) granted songwriters a raise in their digital mechanical royalties throughout the next 5 years. Major digital streaming companies (Amazon, Pandora, Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify) were given 30 days to appeal the decision. Apple Music, playing the artist-friendly role, conceded to the decision. This could also be due to the fact that they are probably one of the few platforms that can afford it. Spotify & Amazon however appealed decision, essentially suing songwriters, on the lackluster basis that it would actually harm copyright owners (aka the songwriters).

As a songwriter myself, I find this story interesting but not surprising. Typically, when you think of tech companies you picture a huge corporation with state-of-the-art facilities and (let’s be honest) a big room of computer nerds. Obviously this isn’t entirely true. There are some really connected and culture-bred people advising and suggesting things on behalf of the general audience, and more importantly, the artists. It is frustrating and suspicious though when you really dive into how much money these companies bring in day after day based on the loyalty and creativity that artists bring their platforms. To think that songwriters making more money would “harm” them is utter disrespect and shows just how much (or less) companies like these value the artists’ music and our intelligence.

Unfortunately things like this have been happening in the music industry for forever. We’ve empowered streaming services and become dependent on them and they know it. Our best weapon against these type of attacks are to equip ourselves with more information, sharing that information, and coming together as a music community.



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