Management & Partnership

Our goal is to assist you as a USIC partner providing tools & resources that get you off to the right start and sustainable. 

Independent Artists

We work with artists of all genres and styles. We’re dedicated to enhancing your brand, but remember–the music comes first. We’ll handle the other stuff.

Independent Labels

With the growing market for independent musicians, indie labels are great for the industry. Let’s make your label the talk of the town.

What we help with

Brand Development

Establishing a unique and eye-catching brand that reflects your artistry, giving potential fans something to identify with.

Show Booking

We get you in front of more people.

Management Services

As an independent artist you ARE a small business just as much as you're an artist.

Copyright & Contracts

The music business can be a tricky place to navigate full, of complicated deals and long-winded documents.

Management Services

Choose your virtual management package below.


In office
FREE 30 minutes
  • Artist Assessment
  • Brand Development
  • Music Publishing
  • Business Development


billed annually
$ 1200 per year
  • Complimentary Studio Time (2 hours/ week)
  • Management Services
  • Artist Press Kit (EPK)
  • Professional Photos
  • Website
  • Booking Assistance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Music Distribution

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