Russel Wilson Gifts Ciara with Masters to Start Her Company

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Russel Wilson gifts wife, Ciara, the masters to her music to jump-start her new music company Beauty Marks Entertainment (BME).


Ciara announced this at the 2019 MAKERS Women’s Conference where she described the new venture as a company where “music intersects with film, fashion, technology, and philanthropy.” Essentially, she’s starting her own indie label that integrates other areas she’s passionate about. 

She goes on to discuss some pretty important issues with the industry and what inspired this new journey with the theme hanging on “ownership”. Although artists are perceived to be living their best lives the reality is that typical artist-deals don’t work for artists long term leaving a lot of money on the table that they never claim. Owning one’s masters creates legacy income that can be passed down through families. 

What do you guys think? Should more artists be doing this?


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