Rocket Science – Joyce Wrice & Kay Franklin (Music Video)

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LA Based artists Joyce Wrice and Kay Franklin make beautiful music. Circa 2016, “Rocket Science” is a timeless piece that we’re dusting off and putting back on the shelf. 

Neo Soul is a lost art/ genre in today’s musical climate. It’s a style of music that’s felt more than heard, and most of us 90’s babies can hear a clip and get immediate nostalgia. Interestingly enough, the new-age music listeners enjoy it and may not even realize it.

Some really big records sample great Neo Soul sounds (Drake is notorious for this) giving songs that classic feel, and whether conscious or sub-conscious, our whole beings open up when we hear it. 

This is how “Rocket Science” feels; soulful, authentic, and real. It just feels good and the video is fitting, having an almost outdated visual aesthetic it’s like stepping into a time machine for 4 minutes and 9 seconds. 

Check it out above and find Joyce on her site and Kay Franklin here.


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