Introduction to JennyKwon

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Songstress JennyKwon based out of Los Angeles, California is a true diamond in the rough, and all the more reason you should never judge a book by its cover. 

The South Korean jazz singer puts the “soul” in Seoul (get it?). We were more than impressed when this came across our email this morning. Without putting a face-to-sound I was already onboard, but once we watched the video we knew she deserved more than just an IG post. We reached out to her and waiting to do a full spread to get know more about her backstory.

What makes JennyKwon so appealing to us is that she represents the epitome of what the platform is–undiscovered music. Her instagram page is, relatively speaking, “untapped” at just over 1000 followers. The view count for this particular video is less than that which is the makeup of the perfect artist we’d want to do a story on.

We’ll dive more into her, but in the meantime enjoy the harmonies of JennyKwon and stay tuned for more Undiscovered Music


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