About the Brand

USIC Brands is a music management & consulting, production, marketing, and entertainment company dedicated to inspiring and empowering independent artists domestic & internationally through innovative products & services.

Officially founded itself in Columbus, Ohio as USIC Brands LLC in 2017, Usic was conceived in Los Angeles, California by independent recording artist Von Graves inspired by the stories & lifestyles of struggling artists in the metropolitan area.

“Most of us were poor,” says Graves as he described his experience upon moving there after college. “I lived in Air BnBs with a group of people and we would move every week. I met a lot of different artists–everyone trying to ‘make it’.”

The experience shaped his view of the music industry, its barriers, and the subjective and vague concept of success for the artist/ entrepreneur. He and his longtime business & music manager Brian Williams began research & development of USIC (a play on Undiscovered Music). The USIC Brands official offices are located in Whitehall, Ohio.

Christian "Von Graves"

Chief Executive officer

Brian Williams

Chief Operations Officer

Building a better industry

Our Mission

We see a reformed music industry that favors the artists over corporations. With an increased level of information on record labels and retaining ownership of artists’ intellectual property, there’s a growing confidence in the independent music market. Artists now understand the power of ownership and their leverage as the content creators on these digital music streaming and social media platforms. Technology and music are merging, spawning an era of innovative mobile apps and unique artist experiences. 

At USIC we’re pushing to be on the forefront of music and technology for the new-age infusing it with a culture of collectivity, authenticity, individuality, and community. We’re constantly working and developing new products and services that empower artists and help them thrive independent of a major record deal. 

Our Team

Our team consists of passionate young black professionals with musical backgrounds and the desire to serve. From artist managers to business developers, teachers, and mentors our mission is to empower independent artists around the world.  

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