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According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution rapper 21 Savage was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement on the grounds that he’s actually a UK citizen who overstayed his welcome in the US.

This story is interesting. Not for the reason everyone else is finding it meme-worthy, and the idea that somehow 21’s UK citizenship disqualifies him from being one of the scariest rappers in the game. Not even based on the fact that apparently none of 21 Savage’s fellow Atlantians had a clue. No, the interesting part about this entire story is the context this plays in a scheme to destroy the characters. This was described as a “targeted operation” and the timing of it is odd, no? The bigger question we have to ask is, “why?”. What is 21 Savage doing now different than any time prior where his citizenship wasn’t even in question?

What do you guys think? Leave comments and conspiracy ideas below.



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